This week in Puerto Rico: Mayor Santini's Creepy Holiday Cards, and Funny Kids Making Fun of the Statehood Party

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Lots of Puerto Rico news recently.

I mean, I don’t really know where to start with the first story, so I’ll just get into it. San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini’s Christmas card this year was taken in El Museo de Vida Silvestre. His smiling family merrily surrounds a stuffed leopard sinking its teeth into the jugular vein of stuffed antelope above the text, “Que esta Navidad illumine tu sueño.” Santini justified himself, saying,  “I’ve always enjoyed highlighting our facilities and what’s better than our Silvestre Life Museum? The museum has been an attraction to both the local public and tourists, so much so that it’s outstripped our expectations. As of today, 98,285 people have visited our museum, and we hope that at the end of the year we’ll have reached 10,000 visitors and more.” None of that actually has anything to to do with the questionable choice of choosing this particular grisly image. Merry Christmas, though.

So that happened.


Would my bias be showing if I said all college Republicans looked like college Republicans? I know the statehood party is a little more complex politically than that, as are my opinions on the statehood issue, but that’s not keeping me from laughing at this. The organization Estadistas Unidos released the following video promoting absentee voting in next year’s statehood referendum. This is absolutely a good idea – kids, participate in your country’s democracy if you still have citizenship, and that goes for all elections you’re eligible for.

Fine. But these kids below absolutely nail the problematic elements of the above ad. And they’re funny. Like, they’re really funny.

Everyone who’s eligible, apply for absentee status.  Don’t let one side dominate the issue, whichever your leanings are.