This Week in WTF

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The YouTube k-hole is a mysterious thing. One minute, you’re watching the Merengue Dog video, and the next thing you know, it’s three hours later and you’ve somehow wound up on the channel of a vaguely Eastern European-sounding man who reviews snack products and you can’t stop watching his weird review of Gushers. Which is basically how we stumbled on Pico de Gallo News, our favorite YouTube video of the week. Some things of note:

This is what the newscaster looks like

And this is what his co-caster looks like. SHE IS A HUMAN PIÑATA HALP

Okay, that’s pretty much all I can really write about this video because I still can’t stop laughing at the piñata lady. Check it out y’all:

[insert-video youtube=xufu5tl9Zeo]