Three Young Mexican Girls Covered “Enter Sandman” and Blew Our Minds

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News with a headline that says “XXXXXX covers Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’” might not  win any journalism awards or set the world on fire. The perennial cover band chesnut has been done to death, and has been destroyed by many untalented hands. Still, there’s nothing generic or bad about this news; in fact, let me assure you, you need to listen to this version of the song.

The Warning is made up of three sisters from Monterrey: 14 year old guitarist and vocalist Daniela, 12 year old drummer Paulina, and 9 year old bass player Alejandra. They made this video last summer to raise funds to attend Berklee School Of Music’s Summer program, and to try and get on the Ellen DeGeneres show. They are very talented and deserve to exploit all their abilities and learn as much as they can, because their playing is fire.

In the hands of these girls, “Enter Sandman” is not a complete reinterpretation but reminds us why this song is so popular in the first place. Daniela’s vocals have weight in her high register and she especially excels when playing the guitar solo note for note with inspiration. They have excitement and dedication to the core. And since today is #RiotGrrrlDay, it’s definitely a great occasion to listen and support The Warning. Donate to their Berklee fund here and here to email Ellen about featuring them on her show.