Today Is National Tequila Day

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Tequila has the dubious distinction of being the first alcoholic beverage I had to enact a temporary ban on, due to my tendency to turn into a Chupacabra and terrorize the general populace after one too many. But today is National Tequila Day, so clearly it is a day for government-sanctioned ratchetería. All bets are off WATCH YOUR BACK IN THE STREETS. Side note: I would like to be a member of the committee charged with approving new National holidays. National Old Rock Day made the cut, but I still haven’t gotten a response on my National Laura León Es Una Máquina De Sabor Day application?? Too wack. Anyway, here at Remezcla we’ve put together a few suggestions for how to celebrate this very important national occasion:

Reenact this entire scene at your local biker bar (gets good at 2:45):

[insert-video youtube=UVKsd8z6scw]

Revisit MTV classic “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila 2

Start your day like this:

Middle of your day like this:

And then try to get home:

Read the classics:

But above all, remember: