Todosantos Update

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Last night we caught local Venezuelan “tukky bass” group Todosantos at Lit Lounge at the BlueGhost Publicity/Poni Republic CMJ Showcase… and we most definitely liked what we heard.  It’d been a while since we’d seen them, and that’s ’cause Pharoah, Purple Gold Pony, and Peach had been on a bit of a live show hiatus.  The trio has a new album just about ready to drop, and they played a couple new tracks at last night’s show. Ze verdict? Somos fans.  Not only is it nice to hear something fresh (they did play a LOT with their last album), but the new stuff features a hot new blend of merengue with their usual booty bass sound, and one of the songs featured Alberto (Purple Gold Pony) rapping in Spanish, which was pretty tight.

In addition to the new Todosantos record, Alberto and Ernesto (Pharoah) will each be releasing solo albums of their own, AND Alberto and his girlfriend (yes ladies, he’s taken!) have designed and created a brand new clothing line for Spring 09 called Piece of the Cake. Their specialty? Colorful MC Hammer-style pants and scarf/necklace type things.  The almost diaper-like pants might look good on Alberto (above), but we’re still not too sure about them, though the scarf thingies are looking hot.

And that’s the update for now….

Here’s a taste of Piece of the Cake:

Catch Todosantos live again TONIGHT at MeanRed’s The Whiskey partay at 205 (free whiskey, free admission… details here).

And for more on the band, check ’em out online at