TONIGHT Last Chance to See Monareta!

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Who are those funny guys with the bicycle helmets, you ask?

Why, it’s Monareta!

The electronic duo formed by Andrés Martínez and Camilo Sanabria from Bogotá, have just released their third album, called Picotero (Nacional Records.)

The longtime friends met during their teens when they were both BMX champions in Colombia, and soon after they traded their bikes for laptops and keyboards (hence the hats).

Andrés and Camilo have been celebrating the release with special performances around El-ey this week, but tonight is the last one before they continue on tour. So go check them out at Mucho Wednesdays at La Cita tonight!

We are psyched for Monareta to be releasing Picotero, their first physical release since their self-titled debut and La Bonanza were only released digitally. The duo played at Remezcla’s launch party back in 2006 (oh, what a night!)

Below, a hilarious self-made promo video on the new album and on Nacional Records. Yeah, they really talk like that and are awkward like that, but all in good fun. Notice how forced the Nacional plug is, on purpose, love it!

Here’s Remezcla’s own Jun Olman (we miss you Jun! Pinche migra!) interviewing Andres when they opened for Aterciopelados at SOB’s in Nueva York in 2007. Seems like aaaages ago. Elegancia!