Top 4 Urban Beaches for NY Babes

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Hellooo! Summer is officially upon us and we’ve been hankering to catch some waves and some sun for dayz. All spring long we meditated on what the best beach of summer 2012 would be–and we figured it out! Here we bring you our list of the best beaches for the urbanite babe this summer. Don’t forget to bring your very good beach playlist, a tini bikini, and a badass attitude.


1. Fort Tilden Beach

Coming in at #1 Fort Tilden beach is the most talked about beach this year. Open up the New York Times magazine, they’ve got pictures of people with sheets tied across stray beach wood, jutting out of the sand in makeshift umbrellas. Go to a bar, there’s some New York kid yelling about Fort Tilden. El viaje: A to Rockaway Park to the Q22 to Fort Tilden Beach. It will take you 1-2 hours, unless you have a bike; Many people get there on two wheels. Don’t be surprised if you see surfers and us babes stripping down either, it’s par for the course at this coast, which is technically a topless playa. It’s also been known in the past as an uncrowded coast –this summer might be different.

2. Rockaway Beach

Our # 2 Rockaway Beach is a coast that you think you know: the familiar boardwalk, the dirty waves, the rocky shoreline. What you don’t realize is that since the last time you went there 10 years ago with your familia it’s changed, a lot. In some ways now it’s more of a destination for the Caracas Arepa Bar on the boardwalk and the Rockaway Taco run by some babes. Avoid the longish train ride, and you can take the Rockabus from Willyburg to Rockaway any weekend for $10 one-way and $18 round trip.

3. City Island

Our #3 is City Island off of the Bronx, which was once a Latino specific playground of beachside restaurants and lifestyle. Now, we hear, more people are making the trip to City Island, and a whole crop of artisan restaurants–you know the kind–have popped up. Check it out for yourself this summer. There’s even a movie about the island with Andy Garcia. Be warned, if you don’t have your own boat, it may be hard to get out on the water. If that’s disappointing, just eat a pound or 2 of crab at one of the many, many seafood shacks.

4. Coney Island

Coming in at #4 Coney Island, the unforgettable hot mess. Coney Island is always a (kind of filthy) party. We love it. Make the trek to enjoy the vintage feel, the original Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand, the Astroland Amusement Park, brews and a beach where you can tan, swim, and play alongside some tan freakies…Don’t forget the actual freak show as well–highly un-politically correct, but the last of  its kind que totally vale la pena, it will cost ya.


Get off the computer ya. Get coastal. Vamos a la playa!