You Can Become a Burrito With This Five-Foot Tortilla Towel

Do you long for the bygone days when your parents wrapped you into a baby burrito full of love, life, and warmth? Thanks to &Friends’ I-Ping Chiang, Mary Dauterman, Sarah Lloyd, and Chelsey Blackmon, you can tuck yourself into a tortilla towel and surpass your childhood burrito dreams. According to the Huffington Post, the indoor/outdoor Tortilla Towel is printed with “two unique photo-realistic sides” meant to make it look as though you’re sitting on a flour tortilla. Cleverly introduced as part of a Resort 2017 collection, one woman modeled the hyper realistic, five-foot towel, and revealed its multiple uses.

It can make you a taco.

A burrito.

An enchilada.

And even a taquito.

We definitely feel the need to point out that outside of the burrito, all of these dishes are made with corn tortillas. So we’ll patiently wait for a corn tortilla towel, especially since the flour one is sold out. Pre-order a Tortilla Towel for $35 now, or use the money toward ~7 burritos.