For $79, You Can Get a VIP Tour of Robi Draco Rosa’s Puerto Rican Home

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Robi Draco Rosa is opening his home – Hacienda Horizonte in Utado, Puerto Rico – to the public with reservation-only tours. On January 11, Rosa used Instagram to announce the tour, which includes “VIP horseback riding” (honestly, I’m not sure what that entails) and is an “eco farm experience.”

Billboard reports that for $79, visitors can also bathe in the Tanamá River and have a cup of Draco’s Café, which is pesticide- and chemical-free coffee grown in Hacienda Horizonte.

Billboard also reports that Rosa plans to offer detox retreats on Hacienda Horizonte, using fruits and plants grown on his farm. In 2015, the singer/songwriter released a cookbook of plant-based recipes, crediting this plant-based diet with helping him beat cancer.