WATCH: Trans Woman Finally Gets Her Dream Quinceañera — & We’re Crying

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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A quinceañera is an important and magical moment in a young Latine girl’s life and a chance to present themselves to the world as they enter the beginning stages of womanhood. For trans women, this moment is something many will never get to experience. But for one lucky woman, Pantene stepped in to give her the quinceañera she didn’t get to have when she was younger.

The beauty brand teamed up with Grey New York to create a short film highlighting Isa’s quinceañera and provide a powerful look into the importance of visibility. The film follows Isa as she’s getting ready for her big day as she explains, in Spanish, her own journey to understanding and accepting her gender identity.

“When I see photos of myself at 15, it’s not pretty,” Isa says in the video. “It’s not pretty because they bring back a lot of memories. Even though I may be smiling in those photos, inside it was something else, inside there was a tremendous hate towards myself.”

Isa continues to explain that growing up she hated parties. It was a time when she would try her best to be invisible and pass through like a ghost without anyone knowing she was there.

“It doesn’t matter when or at what age someone knows who they are, whether at 15 or 44. Whenever they feel comfortable being themselves and sharing that truth is a moment to celebrate,” Martina Brubacher, director of communications at Pantene for Latin America, said in a statement. “As a brand, we know the power of hair and how it can be a statement for expressing one’s true self, so it’s important for us to feature stories like Isa’s, a transgender woman who celebrates her journey.”

You look beautiful, Isa! Happy quince!