President Donald Trump finally got his “wall,” but it was built around him (which we aren’t mad at).

Various journalists have reported a fence being built around the White House in an effort to prevent protesters from demonstrating in front and directly surrounding the building. The fence was reportedly constructed on Tuesday night (June 2) around Lafayette Park and along 17th street at Pennsylvania Ave.

On June 4, CNN reporter Betsy Klein said “additional concrete barriers have been installed behind the existing fencing.”

A few days prior, Trump hid away in his bunker and turned off the lights of the White House. He later said it was to allegedly “inspect” the bunker.

When hearing the news, people took to Twitter to laugh at the irony of a barrier being built, seeing how vocal Trump has been since the beginning of his presidency in regards to building a wall at the U.S. Mexico border with hurtful and hateful intentions against immigrants.


Crowds of protesters have been marching across all 50 states and around the world demanding for justice for the late George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and more, the end of police brutality, and the dismantling of the institutionalized racism which has taken and threatened the lives of countless Black people.