An Artist Built a Teeny Tiny Wall Around Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Since announcing his intent to run for president of the United States last year, Donald Trump has repeatedly placed the wall he wants to build along the country’s southern border as the centerpiece of his immigration policy. His mantra, “we’re going to build a wall,” only scratches the surface of his racist and xenophobic views. So as his party crowns Trump the presidential nominee this week at the Republican National Convention, protestors have descended upon Cleveland to denounce Trump and his politics.

But it’s not just the area surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena that’s seeing a surge in activism. In Los Angeles, street artist Plastic Jesus has built a teeny tiny wall around Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The baby wall’s height measures a mere 6 inches, and features razor wire and small signs that read “Keep Out” in both English and Spanish, according to LA Weekly. The gray wall also displays Plastic Jesus’ slogan: “Stop making stupid people famous.”

The art piece first appeared Tuesday. And though amused crowds have swarmed the mini-wall, the work makes a strong statement against Trump’s political ascendancy. “I don’t try to attack people on a personal level,” he told the Huffington Post about his choice not to use his art to poke fun at Trump’s physical appearance. “I try to attack their policy or their attitude. Otherwise it’s kind of vindictive. Personally, I’ve got nothing against Donald Trump. I have everything against his policies and the culture he’s trying to create in America.”

The day after Plastic Jesus’ wall went up, Trump got another wall outside the Quicken Loans Arena. There, people wore canvas ponchos and held banners that resembled walls. Mijente – joined by groups like the Ruckus Society, United We Dream, and many others – met in Cleveland’s Public Square. They eventually made their way to Prospect Avenue and blocked one of the entrances to the security perimeter surrounding Quicken Loans Arena. Unlike Trump’s wall, which is meant to divide and instill fear in immigrant communities, this one shut down hate.