Trump’s Hatred of Mexico Can Get You Free Tacos Tonight

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Primary debates this early in the campaign are usually boring, uneventful, and have little impact on the polls. But there’s been more anticipation than usual for tonight’s Republican Presidential Primary Debate, in large part because everyone is wondering what outrageously offensive/self-important thing Donald Trump is going to say next, and how the other candidates – who’ve been largely overshadowed by Trump’s shit show campaign – are going to stand out.

But in case those aren’t reasons enough for you to tune in tonight, Yelp’s new food delivery service Eat24 has made things even more interesting. Every time Trump says the word Mexico, Eat24 will post a coupon code on Twitter for $5 off any order priced at $10 or more.

Although the deal is intended for tacos, Eat24 says you can use it on whatever you like: “We believe in freedom of the belly, so it’s totally up to you,” they wrote in their company blog post. Eat24 is even encouraging people to tweet at Trump asking him to say Mexico.

If Donald Trump really wants to be president, then he’d do this for us. Or he’ll spite us all and call it that country down south.

Eat24’s coupons expire on Aug. 6 before midnight.