Turns Out We’re Still Obsessed With Star Wars Lotería

Lead Photo: Stacy Braxton/Flickr
Stacy Braxton/Flickr
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D.F. artist Jenaro de Rosenzweig may be busy filling the streets with Star Wars art that gives a nod to Mexican pop culture, but it’s not the first time someone puts the two together. Before that, musician and artist Chepo Peña created Space Lotería, with Princess Leia (golden bikini version) as La Sirena, R2-D2 as El Barril, and Yoda as El Camarón. For those who aren’t fans of Episodes I, II, and III (because duh), you’ll be happy to know that Peña stuck almost entirely to the original trilogy.

If It’s Hip, It’s Here reported in 2010 that Peña received a cease and desist order from Lucas Films, but by December of that same year, the cards were actually up for sale. Peña posted a Facebook status recently saying they were being sold once again, but the cards sold out the same day. The game includes 10 game boards, 54 cards, a bag of dried pinto beans, and the opportunity for you to brag about your kickass set.

Unfortunately, the Austin artist may not have time to restock because of his current fight with cancer. A Go Fund Me page, Chepo’s Fuck Cancer Fund, was started by his friend to help him pay for what he still needs to pay out of pocket. He seems to be in good spirits, though. In May, he told NewsOK, “I hope people don’t think I’m dying.” Either way, we wish him the best during his recovery.