Twitter Reacts To Fly Landing on Mike Pence, Dubbing Him Lord of the Flies

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Vice President Mike Pence seemed a bit under the weather during the 2020 vice-presidential debate on Wednesday, October 7th. He faced VP hopeful Kamala Harris while battling what appears to be a case of pink eye, which is known to be a COVID-19 symptom. To date, the current VP has tested negative for coronavirus.

A fly landed on his snow-white hair and might have gotten stuck in his copious hair gel as the bug remained on the vice president’s head for the better part of two minutes. There’s no denying that flies are attracted to garbage and feces. In art, when a fly is painted on a subject, it represents rot, decay, and death. A fitting analogy as Pence is the head of the coronavirus response. The virus has killed over 200,000 Americans under his watch.

The Biden team was quick to release a photo of the former VP holding a fly swatter and hours later launched a Biden/Harris “Truth Over Flies” fly swatter which quickly sold out. Pop culture fans are practically begging Jeff Goldblum to play the iconic fly on Saturday Night Live as the actor starred in the 1986 film The Fly.

Latine Twitter was abuzz about the candidate’s policies and also the insect that took center stage and dubbed Pence the Lord of the Flies.

@samanthajoleal: You know what flies are attracted to? Shit. #VPDebate

@ananavarro: In case any of you are wondering, Jeff Goldblum is supporting @joebiden and @KamalaHarris. #TheFly

@GreisaMartinez: Fly lands on caca!!!

@valentinastackl: That fly on his head is proof that Mike Pence is actually a corpse. #Debates2020

@huicholaaa: conspiracy theory time pence is not a human, he’s actually three cockroaches and a rat wearing a skinsuit and a toupee