Twitter Reacts To Cringe-Worthy Video of Sisters Fighting Over Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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There’s a cringe-worthy video circulating around Twitter from a young Brazilian girl’s birthday party. María Eduarda was celebrating her 3rd birthday in Pato Branco, Brazil. In the video, she’s seen enthusiastically preparing to blow out the pink number three candle on her Disney princess themed cake when her older sister swept in to do the honors and extinguished the candles.

For a moment, the three-year-old appears to be shocked as her older sister looks at her smugly as if she’s quite pleased with her actions. María isn’t having it and grabs her sister by the hair starting a brawl between the young girls. The two are momentarily separated before María goes back in for round two.

Throughout the altercation, her older sister keeps a mishevious smile on her face as she shrugs off the attacks.

The video was initially shared on Instagram by the girls’ mother, Gabriela Aureluk and quickly went viral. Aureluk uploaded other photos in her Instagram Stories showing that the sisterly war was short lived as the two later enjoyed the cake together.

Some Twitter users felt like the moment symbolized the chaos of 2020 and used the clip to make Me vs. 2020 memes. Others speculated about if the older sister is just jealous or straight up evil.

@Graciie_Taylor: Seems like an accurate representation of this year

@kingtravyyy: It was the pause for me. She said “did this bitch just blow MY candle!?” Took her down to the FLOOR & wasn’t sorry about. You can look in her eyes and see she wanted WAR

@BenedicteBaThel: This is so chaotic I’m crying she does not care at all. She looks like she’d do it again

@Mel_Ankoly:Children learn this behavior from the adults around them.

@kidzzbopp: if she was at my birthday party, i would’ve done the same thing. She’s not getting ANY cake. That was MY candle, and you stole MY wish. Better get ready for the hospital