Every Younger Sibling Will Deeply Relate to This Video of 2 Sisters Masterfully Trolling Their Little Brother

Lead Photo: Photo by Getty
Photo by Getty
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If you’re not playfully picking on your younger siblings, then you’re not doing it right. And if you’re not making them think they’re invisible, then you’re apparently missing out on some LOLs. In a video that has now gone wildly viral, two young women trick their 8-year-old brother, Ezequiel, into thinking he’s disappeared.

In the video, sisters Joceyln, 13, and Julissa, 17, covered their little brother with a blanket and tell him they’re performing a magic trick. Though the young women can hardly contain their laughter, Jocelyn manages to get out the words “abracabdabra.” When she lifts the cobija, the sisters pretend they don’t see him. He doesn’t seem to buy it, so to prove he has disappeared, the evil masterminds provide photographic proof. Jocelyn sits next to him on the bed and pretends there’s no one next to her. Julissa then shows Jocelyn the photo they obviously took beforehand, and Ezequiel starts to panic when it occurs to him that his sisters can’t see him. His jaw drops and he breaks out in tears, but he quickly realizes they tricked him and he shoves his sister, who has yet to drop the act.

It’s definitely not the first time younger siblings have fallen for this invisible prank, but it’s still just as hilarious. Check out the video below.