Uber Launches UberESPAÑOL in Six U.S. Cities, Including LA and Chicago

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Uber is well on its way to world domination: it operates in about 140 U.S. cities and 58 countries, will deliver both delicious arepas and adoptable kittens to your door step, and is reportedly opening a robotic research facility in Pittsburgh to build self-driving cars.

Now, in addition to its ever-increasing roster of services, riders can specifically request rides with Spanish-speaking drivers in six U.S. cities. uberESPAÑOL has already launched in San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson, and yesterday it became available in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Chicago. The move is a testament to the strength of the Latino market – and work force – and also a tacit acknowledgement that there’s kind of nothing better than shooting the shit with a driver who pulls up blasting bachata and calls you “primo.”

uberESPAÑOL is limited to Uber X for now.