UBS tells you where not to move

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A recent UBS study has determined some rather interesting fiscal information for a number of the world’s more prominent cities.

This study shows the effects of currency moves and compares prices and earnings in 73 cities for 122 goods and services worldwide. The app can be downloaded free of charge.

How much do I pay for a three-room apartment in Paris, Chicago or Nairobi? What does public transportation cost in Jakarta, London or Montreal? How much does a department head earn in Zurich, Buenos Aires or Sydney? These are a few of the comparisons for prices and earnings that an iPhone application developed by UBS makes possible. iPhone users can also observe the development of exchange rates, which are updated every twenty minutes. The users can also actively participate by collecting and bringing in data, thus optimizing the prices and earnings study results.

Of course, most interesting to those of us who’ve ever fantasized about moving abroad and practicing their Spanish are the prices of living in various Latin cities. Out of the 73 cities listed, of which Oslo is the most expensive and New York is the 14th and Los Angeles the 31st:

  • 19) São Paulo
  • 25) Barcelona, followed immediately by…
  • 26) Rio de Janeiro.
  • 30) Madrid isn’t far behind.
  • 39) Lisbon.
  • 41) Miami. (Miami is totally a Latin city.)
  • 47) Caracas.
  • 57) Bogota
  • 59) Santiago de Chile
  • 64) Mexico City
  • 65) Lima

Pack your bags, take out your wallet, and go…somewhere that is not on this list.