Ultra Music Festival: Vine Video Round-Up

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If you weren’t in Miami these past 2 weekends for the mecca of EDM, the Ultra Music Festival, we’ve gathered some of the best Vines from “ultranuts” to give you a taste of the experience in only 6 seconds.

1. Our boo Diplo jumped on stage with moombahton king Dillon Francis

2. LED stages that will take you to another dimension….

3. Have you ever watched “Enter the Void”? The movie about a dude that takes DMT and has an out of body experience while wandering around Tokyo? We imagine this is what that would feel like.

4. Baauer at the Trapped stage ….in 3D!

5. Because no festival is complete without furry , fairy rave princesses~

6. …and twerking with Major Lazer with thousands of people in the Miami heat is ideal.

7. Closing out Weekend 2 with fireworks for Ultra’s quinceanera

8. Zedd and Skrillex say ADIOOOOOSS