United Farm Workers Wine

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Cool Christmas Gift Idea: Bottled under the blessing and licensing of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers labor union, Black Eagle Wines honor justice and support those working in the fields.

Launched on Cesar Chavez Day, Black Eagle Wines offers three wines in the inaugural vintage line: Cabernet Sauvignon ($30), Merlot ($27) and a Sauvignon Blanc ($25). The grapes in each wine were harvested in the Napa Valley and produced under United Farm Workers contracts.

“We’re turning boycotting on its ears,” says Marva Diaz, the chief operating officer of Black Eagle Wines. “Instead of focusing on the negative–that had its day and purpose–today’s consumers really respond to a kind of social consumerism. Where you choose to spend your money can promote social responsibility. We want to showcase the quality of what can be produced by farm workers. You can have a union contract and have a quality good.”

Give gifts that benefit la causa this year!

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