Vamonos Pibes!

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Remezcla’s favorite cumbia villeros Damas Gratis are finally making it up to the US from Argentina for shows in Miami and New York. There had been rumors of them coming in the summer, then in September, but those hopes were quickly squelched, and we had to satisfy our villera cravings with ZZK mixtapes and YouTube videos. But this time it’s for real, and it’s all going down November 8th at Kukaramakara with Bachaco opening up …we have keytar-wielding, jheri curl-sporting DG frontman Pablo Lescano‘s word:

Vos no puedes faltar, guachin! Esta vez no, eh? Whoopeeeee!  If that doesn’t get you excited, we’re not sure what will, but here’s another visual to help seal the deal: