If you’ve heard even 15 seconds of Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang,” then you know the song from the Miami-based Cuban-Mexican-American rapper is an ear worm and that the chorus is inescapable. Jennifer Lopez used a #guccigang hashtag to caption a photo of herself wearing a sparkly Gucci jumpsuit. And Saturday Night Live transformed “Gucci Gang” into an ode to Stanley Tucci, changing the title to “Tucci Gang” in the process. Months after Lil Pump dropped his song, Monoloco released a parody titled “Vendo Pan.” And though he might have imagined it as only a joke, a man in Mexico is now using the song to help him sell bread.

The lyrics say: “Vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan/me pongo a las cinco/menos los domingos/traigo en mi triciclo/pan bien calentito, conchas y cuernitos.” While the vendor didn’t create the song, the fact that he’s using it for his business is a stroke of genius. And honestly if that doesn’t make you buy bread from this man, then you’re stronger than we are.

Check out the rest of the song below: