Vetusta Morla: More Than a Quirky Name

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Back in early 2009, when I first listened to a song by Spanish indie darlings Vetusta Morla (which means “Ancient Morla,” a character from The Neverending Story), I quickly dismissed them as a Radiohead copy. When I finally got my hands on an their actual debut album, Un día en el mundo, I realized just how wrong I had been about them.

Their sound is definitely influenced by European bands such as Radiohead, Pulp, Blur and Sigur Ros, but they’ve taken their own approach and managed to define a signature sound. Their album is full of complex melodies packed with guitar layers and intricate lyrics that come to life thanks to the mature voice of Pucho, the lead singer.

The band’s strong suit? Vetusta Morla truly lets all of their members shine, both on recorded songs and in live performances. Spanish indie rock fans and music critics constantly rave about their concerts.

After conquering their homeland, Vetusta Morla recently visited Mexico to take part in the Vive Latino Festival, and they’ve been hinting about a US visit very soon.