Vicente Fernandez Says Alleged Fondling of Fan Was ‘An Accident’

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.

El Charro de Huentitán, Vicente Fernandez, has broken his silence over allegations that he fondled a fan three years ago. Fernandez gave an interview on Monday (Jan. 25) to his former daughter-in-law, journalist Mara Patricia Castañed.

“I saw the photo and yes, indeed, I put my hand on her stomach and said: ‘You are going to feel offended’ and I lifted my hand, and when I lifted it, they took the photo,” said the legendary Mexican musician (translated to English), who added that he has always been respectful of his fans.

“Harassment is if I had taken her to a stable, and if I had forced her blouse down, that’s harassment, but what happened was an accident,” he continued.

The photo and videos surfaced on TikTok showing Fernandez at his Los Tres Potrillos Ranch touching a fan’s breast in a crowd. He claims that though there are two other accusations, the only photo he has seen, was taken amid fans crowding him and asking to take a photo “with a kiss.” He stated that “they also grabbed me and hugged me, and said ‘a photo with a kiss’ and I let it with my mouth closed.”

But audiences of the streamed interview are questioning not just Fernandez and his excuse, but of interviewer Castañed who framed the interview to make Fernandez look like a victim. Fernandez dismissed any question as to why he gave his only interview to his family member saying that “there are journalists and there are journalists.”

Fernandez likened that harrassment meant he dragged a fan into his stables and forced their shirts down, which he alleges is the only way he could have assaulted his fan. “I offer you an apology with all my heart, but I didn’t do it intentionally,” claims Fernandez. “If I had done it with intention, I wouldn’t have done it there. I would have taken it to the stables, but I do not even remember how it happened,” added the artist.

Though the alleged victims have not pressed charges or sued him, Fernandez says if it happens, he will then talk to a legal team.