Vicente Fernandez Falls Victim to Wiki Vandalism

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There are things and people that every self-respecting Mexican knows about. Things such as six-shooters, bandoliers and an innate desire to sleep readily come to mind. Then there are people that we venerate to a near god-like status; Vicente Fernandez is to Mexicans what a deity is to mere mortals and only one has the ability to sing for hours on end.

But even Fernandez is not immune to vandals. I recently came across his Wikipedia page and the page listed his death as occurring on February 24th of this year. That is obviously not the case, because my dad would have thrown his TV out of the window by now. In that case, these vandals do what they do best; slightly annoy webmasters.

The page lists his occupations as “Music, Acting and Pimping” and his bio states his wish to “pimp every ho”. Other highlights include Fernandez entering into more than one pimp talent contest and jumping into a pool of lava. That’s pretty much it. One wonders the hilarity that would have ensued had the prankster vandalized the entire page. Not that I’m asking anyone to top that! I mean, I’m a respectable person and I would never ask anyone with technological know-how (i.e, click the edit button) and some free time to top this attempt. I mean, I have much better things to do than to laugh at random things