Vicentico y Calle 13: Genius at Work

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Finally this is online!!!! Calle 13 and Vicentico wrote this brand new song in just a couple of days and performed it live for a TV show in Mexico called Fusiona2, basically created by Coca Cola, and which is hosted by Fobia’s Leonardo De Lozanne. This was shot back in September and aired in Mexico I believe in November. The best part? The song is called "Combo Imbecil de Papas y Refresco" (take that Coca Cola!) and politically charged (In Puerto Rico, un "combo" at a fast food restaurant is an item in the "super value menu" options.) With both full bands on stage, this joint is EXPLOSIVE, Vicentico se ve acabao but his voice is still awesome. Rene’s rapping has improved a lot, Eduardo is freaky manipulating sound like a magician (ok Visitante, you’re talented) pero y que decir de Ileana, always amazing. Gotta love Toy’s cameo as well. Se supone que tiren este track free online, let’s see.

Here’s "Las Manos" from Vicentico’s last album, Los Pajaros, mashed up live with Calle 13’s "Pa’l Norte,"  also from this episode of Fusiona2. Se me paran los pelos. Vicentico is adventurous lately, he will appear, along with Mala Rodriguez, in Kumbia All-Starz’ new album, Planeta Kumbia, which drops in March. That track is called "Vuelve" and was orchestrated by producer Cachorro Lopez.