White Woman Arrested After Attacking and Threatening Her Latino Neighbors

Lead Photo: This photo is in the public domain.
This photo is in the public domain.
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In an Indianapolis block, a woman named Vicki New reportedly built a reputation for harassing her neighbors. This week, a woman captured one of those moments on camera, which led to New’s arrest.

For couple Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman, living next door to New has been difficult. New has called narcotics, child protectives services, and the health department on them. Roman partially believes the woman has targeted them because of their Latino heritage, but New also has had issues with her white neighbors. On Sunday, things came to a head when Vicki stepped onto their property and ripped out their “no trespassing” signs from the grass and hit Miguel.

Posted by Luvia Roman on Sunday, August 26, 2018

In a clip that Roman recorded, Vicki gets aggressive and utters the words, “Touch me, I’ll kill you.”

The two neighbors have argued over property lines. A police officer first put the signs up for the couple, which Vicki removed. So they placed them back where they belonged, which is when the encounter took place.

Though police arrived at the scene, Rios and Roman were told they couldn’t do much for them, according to Newsweek. But after the story gained traction and spread online, police showed up to New’s home and arrested her, according to The Indy Channel.

Posted by Luvia Roman on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Since the arrest, New has denied that she hit her neighbors, claiming that the video was altered. She also said she isn’t sorry for what happened.

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