Video: Alejandro & Maria Laura’s Strained Muppet Love, “Puedo Estar Sin Ti” [PER]

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Muppets, outside of the world of Jim Henson, are sorely underused. Sure, Weezer rocked out with them in 2002, LCD Soundsystem featured them twice—think of Kermit as James Murphy’s spiritual puppet self—and Cee Lo Green celebrated christmas with the merry muppet lot, but, in the Spanish-speaking world, few artists have done anything creative with them until this wonderful video by Alejandro & Maria Laura.

Puedo Estar Sin Ti” follows the muppet version of Maria Laura as she goes on with her life without the muppet version of Alejandro, in what sounds like a long-distance relationship (not the best or easiest relationships to have, let me tell ya!). Everything seems to go just fine but, next thing you know, there are muppet calzones flying around in the air, homegirl puts on weight and has a Britney Spears-esque meltdown. There’s even a casualty, as a muppet bird gets taken out in a drive-by chomping!