Video: Benito Cerati debuts video for Zero Kill [ARG]

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Even though he technically had his music video debut when he was still a fetus, this is the first official video of Benito Cerati‘s new project, Zero Kill.

Just a few weeks ago we featured this same song (the only one available online, so far) by the son of Argentine rock demigod Gustavo Cerati and Chilean model/actress Cecilia AmenĂ¡bar. But we didn’t know how serious the project was until we saw this video today.

Check out Soda Stereo‘s true heir walking comfortably in Gustavo’s shoes (while borrowing half of his entourage as producers and session players for this recording) through a magic forest, all by himself, in search of what seems like a furia-free city of the future.

[insert-video youtube=_CNQspo-xyo]