Video: Bravo Fisher!'s "Miradas" [ESP]

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Love is in the air for Bravo Fisher!. Or maybe it was just the experiment the chemist concocted in his new video for the song “Miradas.” That smoke is all shades of pink and so is the awesome love fest that ensues in almost three minutes of dance pop that’s all glitter and hearts. As the title suggests, the girl in “Miradas” is all about crafting through chemistry that perfect glance that will inspire love of all kinds.

This is the first single off El Valle Invisible, Bravo Fisher!’s first album in Spanish and his debut with Subterfuge Records. Already hailed by the Spanish music press as an electro pop gem, Bravo Fisher! delivers a solid sound that mixes influences from French house, 80s synth pop, and even a hint of movida madrileña.

I think one of the cooler parts about Bravo Fisher! is that he crafted his sound on his own, playing most of the instruments featured on El Valle Invisible, save for the drums. I’m a sucker for standard electro pop fare, especially when it has well crafted melodies that sound just as well on the dancefloor as they do in your headphones. And if that dance pop is dripping with all kinds of drama (the unrequited love kind of drama), all the better.

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Download Bravo Fisher!’s El Valle Invisible below: