Video: Doble Pletina's Animated Barcelona, "Cruzo los dedos" [ES]

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There seems to be a proliferation of animated videos making the rounds these days. This isn’t anything new, as bands like Cuarteto de Nos, Monsieur Periné, and Los Punsetes have proven. And it’s Punsetes’ very own Spain that’s been producing some of the coolest clips around. As the team over at Red Bull Panamerika noted, Tigres Leones have also gone the animation route with the gory (and hilarious) “Ana Casteller,” even featuring poor Kermit the Frog. The trend isn’t exclusive to the Spanish-speaking world, as Queens of the Stone Age just released a string of disturbing animated videos for songs off their new record.

But back to Spain. Doble Pletina, who are, in my humble opinion, the cutest folk band to ever come out of Barcelona, just released a video for their song “Cruzo los dedos,” which follows a black cat through an animated replica of Barca. Here you can see colorful versions of the band members—Cati, Marc, Jaume, Laura, and Francina—playing the song around famous landmarks.

It’s a world crafted by director Oscar Martínez to be as dreamy as can be, where the cables of the air lift are made with cassette tape and the clouds are made out of newspaper. The video goes perfectly with the folksy ballad, in which the band sings about those small-town feelings: routine, boredom, and nostalgia.

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