Video Fiesta Tonight

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Making the rounds in our inboxes and chat boxes today…..this “video fiesta” happening tonight

There’s nothing Latino about this free party except a few films (Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain trailer, por ejemplo) and  that its taking place at Don Pedro’s in Williamsburg.

We dig!

Se lo damos como nos lo vendieron, start of forwarded message titled “What the hell is this??!!”:

“Holy frijoles!

it’s a Fancy! video fiesta at Don Pedro, Williamsburg, Thursday September 25, 8 p.m. sharp

Join the crowd of weirdoes, and unfashionable losers at Brooklyn’s premiere punk club house.  Four hours of punk

lots of stupid junk, and tacos.

Should be FANCY!

No beige allowed

This is some of what we gonna show, and yes in this order


CHUCK BERRY – Roll Over Beethoven (French TV 1964)

TAKESHI TERAUCHI – No Eleki Wakadaisho (Japan 1966)

MINTY NEWPORTS – Live TV Commercial

ATLANTICS – Come On And Love Me (Australia 1967)

BLACK DIAMONDS – I Want, Need, Love You (Australia 1966)

ANTOINE – Les Elecubrations (France 1966)

The MOVE – Wild Tiger Woman (Colour Me pop 1968)

SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS – Trailer (1968)

WONDERLAND – Love’s A Murder (Germany 1969)

GROOVIE GOOLIES – Where You Going Little Ghoul (1970)

EL TOPO – Theatrical Trailer (1971)

KRAFTWERK – Ruckzuck (Germany 1970)

FAUST – Excerpt from German TV Show (1971)

TON, STEINE & SCHERBEN – Solidaritat (Germany 1971)

The HOLY MOUNTAIN – Theatrical Trailer (1974)

JAQUES PERROT – Allegro Aus Der 40 Symphonie (1973)

NINA HAGEN BAND – TV Glotzer (1979)

The SAINTS – (I’m) Stranded • Know Your Product (1977 & 78)

P-FUNK – Up For The Downstroke (promo commercial)

RADIO BIRDMAN – Live & Interview (Rockturnal 1978)

BABES IN TOYLAND – Theatrical Trailer (1934)

DEVO & NEIL YOUNG – Hey Hey, My My (Human Highway 1983)

HUNCHBACK – Heart Of Gold (Pyramid Club 2007)

SAMMY DREAD – African Girl (Rock Star Bar 2007)”

— End of forwarded message.