Video: La Yegros' "Viene de mí" [ARG]

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ZZK Records‘ first lady is about to drop her debut album. When La YegrosViene De Mi gets released on June 17th it’ll mark a new milestone for the Buenos-Aires-based label that pioneered ñu-cumbia: it’s their first full-length release by a female artist.

I’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with “Viene de mí,” the upcoming album’s first single. It was already featured on last year’s compilation Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires and it’s also been available as a single (plus remixes) on iTunes since January. But its visually striking video is so so amazing it’ll most definitely bump the song back up to the top of everybody’s playlists this summer and rejuvenate it. I’ll go ahead and make an early submission to the Best Videos of 2013 list.

[insert-video youtube=WtsjrvwqIr0]