Video: Los Prisioneros' "We are sudamerican rockers" in Chilean Sign Language

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In 1993, MTV Latin America (then MTV en Español) went on the air for the first time. Its first video? The now-seminal Los Prisioneros single, “We are sudamerican rockers.” You could say it’s the Latin American “Video Killed the Radio Star,” but to give it its due credit you’d have to acknowledge how brash, funny, and musically present the song was when it first came out in 1987. This is all true even in 2013 (I had forgotten how good that guitar solo is!). Los Prisioneros have influenced hordes of artists, not just those in Chile, so it’s particularly exciting to see their influence extended to the non-hearing community. NZ Canal, a music channel for the hearing impaired, recently released this sign-language-adapted clip from Nerven&Zellen. The video features four big-haired, badass chicks signing the famous lyrics. I can’t properly express how much I love this. It’s…too much. Also make sure to check out Nerven&Zellen‘s Pedro Almodóvar/Luz Casal homage.

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