VIDEO: "I'm Puerto Rican and I don't sell drugs"

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“I’m a Puerto Rican…and I don’t sell drugs.”

A while ago, actor Amaury Nolasco was shown to utter the line, when his friend on the show says he shouldn’t apply for a job at a pharmaceuticals company, “But I’m Puerto Rican; I’d be great at selling drugs.” It was on a show called Work It that was dumb and offensive for a whole bunch of other reasons and was destined for cancellation, but Puerto Rican groups got pretty upset about that line. We wrote about it.

Fast forward almost two months. On February 29th, the group Puerto Rican Awareness uploaded the following video about diversity within the Puerto Rican community. On the one hand, I fully support the promotion of diversity and awareness. On the other, I think hitching the campaign to a controversy no one’s really talking about anymore may be problematic.

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