VIDEO: Someone Finally Made a "Shit Spanish Girls Say"

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You knew this was coming eventually.

If you’ve been on the internet at all for the past month or so, you’re familiar with Shit Girls Say, Kyle Humphrey and Grayden Sheppard’s compilation of things they think girls say a lot. This was followed by a slew of copycats – from Shit Black Girls Say to Shit Gay Guys Say to Shit Asian Girls to Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls. After all that, a Latin version was inevitable. Juan Ortiz, Julissa Contreras, Melanie Gonzalez, and David Zheng have brought us Shit Spanish Girls Say. Someone in the comment thread is going to point out that “Spanish” isn’t the preferred nomenclature, but we like it because it’s the sort of thing one of the girls in the videos would say.

What do you think?