Artist Teddy Kelly on How L.A. Inspires His Abstract, Vibrant Work

Concā, the world’s first vodka Panamericano, launched in Los Angeles in June, giving us a preview of its unique flavor – a blend distilled from North American corn vodka and sugarcane vodka from Veracruz. They’ve since partnered with some of LA’s creative movers and shakers – in fields as diverse as film, food, mixology, music and art – for a video series called “Stories Con Carácter,” which takes a look at their creative process and how they’re contributing to LA’s scene.

In their latest chapter, they chop it up with artist and illustrator Teddy Kelly. Kelly grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico, but his mishmash of skateboard, surf, and immigrant cultural influences are right at home in his adopted Los Angeles. He’s done everything from solo exhibitions to graphic work for Coachella to collaborations with clothing lines and artists like the Odd Future collective, Chris Brown and Los Angeles Azules.

Watch to learn more about his creative process and influences.