Video: Torreblanca's Fairy-Tale Nodding "Lola en el sillón" [MEX]

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What I appreciate the most about Torreblanca is how present his voice is. It’s foregrounded, not reverbed or washed out or filtered. It’s the meat on your plate and the music is the garnish (damn good garnish though). This is particularly true in the Bella Epoca track, “Lola en el sillón,” for which we now have a video. Directed by Mayoli Benitez, the video follows a little girl, presumably Lola, as she ventures out into the woods. Lola wears a red cardigan, a nod toward Little Red Riding Hood, which is fitting coming from Bella Epoca, an album filled with plenty of fairy tale references (“Lobo” and “Barbazul”). The always lovely voice of Andrea Balency couples so well with José Manuel Torreblanca’s, his gruff and trembling, hers airy and infantile.

[insert-video youtube=Z6alLy7ewkQ]

Download Torreblanca’s Bella Epoca agic Trix below: