Voces Amarillas concert set to raise awareness for Dominican education

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Voces Amarillas began last year in Chile, organizing a concert in Santiago to raise money and awareness for their cause: to get 4% of the Dominican Republic’s national budget redirected towards education, in order to provide “una Educacion Digna” to not only the youth of the country, but to increase/improve adult education programs as well in order to attempt rectify the damage done by the system in place.

Now Voces Amarillas por una Educacion Digna is throwing a concert at Lehman College’s Lovinger Theater in the Bronx, where 16 local artist of Dominican and otherwise-Latino descent will appear along with New York’s top Dominican television and radio personalities, like Dulces Pesadillas, Gabbano, Luis Miguel de la Bachata, La Vaina, Mar Sala, La Fiera, Hache St, Brook Ave, Nery Olivares, La Pepa, Jenmary Day, Ernesto Pineda, The Davis Wolf Project, Radiovector, David Suazo, VĂ­ctor Marlo, Mambo Libre, Inti and the Moon, and Ikiti. The concert will take place on October 20th. Check out the trailer below and their official blog for a full lineup. Enjoy the music and celebrate the cause!