Volumen Cero …and the King of Pop?

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Last night, in our random MySpace wanderings, we stumbled upon an even more random video by none other than los chicos de Volumen Cero….

Their long-awaited album I Can See the Brite Spot (the first from them in a whiiiiile) is finally coming out October 7th, and the band seems to be resorting to some, er, creative, and, mmm, unique, ways of marketing it…

Case in point: this Michael Jackson “recommendation”:

Wtf, right?!?!

We’re curious about the motivation behind this, as well as what exactly was consumed prior to filming. …and is that Lucho’s voice?  Ah, YouTube.

Weird Michael Jackson videos aside, we’re fans of the album (and its super-cool packaging), and are looking forward to celebrating its release with them October 2nd at the Roxy Theatre.

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