Here’s How You Can Get a Free Ride from Uber & Lyft to Go Vote

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There are a host of reasons why people of color and those who are poor are less likely to vote. A 2008 Caltech/MIT survey found that on top of long lines, registration issues, and lack of absentee ballots, transportation/location is another hurdle for Latino and African-American populations. With state officials reducing the number of polls in predominantly Latino and black neighborhoods, they have tried to keep people of color from voting.

This year, Voto Latino has teamed up with My Ride to Vote to offer free Uber or Lyft rides to those who lack transportation access to the polls in select states. “With this campaign, we aim to help underrepresented voters exercise their rights as citizens,” said Anna Soellner, co-founder of My Ride to Vote. “For people who are under immense family, work, or financial pressure, having a convenient ride to the polls can mean the difference between voting and staying at home. Our mission is to assist those in greatest need to exercise their sacred, civic duty.”

To learn if you’re state is eligible, text GO VOTE to 73179. And if that doesn’t work, try Women Votes or Warren Buffett’s Drive2Vote to try to arrange a ride to the polls on Tuesday.