Walter Mercado Has Spoken: Trump Presidency Would Cause Apocalypse

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In times of great uncertainty, we turn to those leaders who can look deep into our hearts and see the inner-workings of our soul; those monumental figures who can cast their gaze far into the future and articulate a positive way forward for our society. So People en Español interviewed Walter Mercado about the current state of the 2016 election, and the heavens trembled.

In the exclusive interview, Mercado laid out his most recent astrological findings regarding Trump and Hillary, with a solid dose of common sense mixed in for good measure.  Speaking about Hillary, Mercado extolled the ex-Secretary of State’s experience and her “feminine energy,” clarifying that for him “God is not a man, she’s a woman.”

Switching political gears, Mercado didn’t have anything particularly nice to say about the Republican nominee, calling Trump a “monster,” a “crazy person,” and a “freak,” while suggesting that he is the “opposite of the type of person who can lift up a nation.” As if that wasn’t enough, Mercado went a step further by suggesting Trump’s election as President of the United States would effectively bring about the end of the world. Yeah, it’s that serious.

While the Puerto Rican TV personality’s strong feelings were clearly quite personal, Mercado did clarify that, astrologically, Hillary is the favorable candidate. For now we can only hope along with him that the stars align for Hillary in the fall. And vote, of course. That’s important too.

Also, can anyone in the Clinton campaign lock in Mercado as a South Florida surrogate? Looks like the 84-year-old soothsayer may just be the key to turning the Sunshine State blue once and for all.