Watch 15-Year-Old Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martinez Give a Boss Speech on Climate Crisis at the UN

Lead Photo: United Nations

A 15-year-old boy walked into the United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change like a boss. Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martinez, the long-haired Colorado native with an Aztec name, introduced himself in three languages before saying that a solution to climate change is only possible through the efforts of people around the world. “I stand before you today representing my entire generation as well as generations unborn,” he said. “I stand before you representing the indigenous peoples of this Earth and those that will inherit the effects of our climate crisis that we face today as a global community.”

Xiuhtezcatl went onto explain that, duh, all life is connected. And he shared some personal experiences, saying that he and his family saw the worst wildfires and floors in Colorado in a three-month period, something that continues to happen because no one is trying to solve the problem. “And, because of this, young people are standing up all over the planet, because we see the climate change is a human rights issue,” he said. “It is affecting, especially, developing countries, women, children, and people of color more than anyone else.” Preach!

While there are some grown-ass adults who deny global warming is real, Xiuhtezcatl has been fighting for this cause since he was 6 years old. In the about 20 years the talks have been held, no major decisions have been made. Xiuhtezcatl let the room know he was not impressed. 

When you’re done watching him at the UN, head here to watch a short doc on the environmental warrior.