WATCH: Do You Know What a Bodega Is? Apparently These TV Hosts Don’t

Lead Photo: Photo by 12 St David, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Photo by 12 St David, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
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Do you know what a bodega is? If so, you’re a step further than the folks on this segment, or maybe you’re a native New Yorker and you’re about to cringe so hard. 

In the clip at the center of it all, journalist and host Kate Abdo asks analysts on an America-themed special of In the Mixer on CBS Sports Golazo the following question, “What is a bodega?” The responses were surprisingly a mixture of confusion and earnest guessing from Jamie Carragher, Micah Richards, and Thierry Henry. 

Carragher, a former footballer for Liverpool, said, “Sounds like an ice cream.” Richards, a former footballer for Manchester City, said “bodega” over and over before honestly saying, “I’ve never heard of that in my life.” Henry, the former Arsenal footballer, also was confused even though he’s a New Yorker. His response was, “I don’t know. I’m French.”

And you know what? You just have to watch the TikTok to understand the chaos of it all.


@23carra said it sounds like ice cream. 😅 BRB, adding a bodega stop to the #DestinationBK itinerary. 🗽 #nyc #jamiecarragher

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For those not in the know, bodegas are small owner-operated convenience stores that are typically open at late hours. They are most well-known for being located in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods and are often featured on TV and in movies when they want to show the “urban” side of New York City. And it’s estimated that there are around 13,000 bodegas in New York City.

We’re betting these guys will visit one next time when they’re in New York City. But in the meantime, here’s the full segment where they also answer how many hot dogs they can eat, America’s best footballer, and what their favorite character from Friends is.