WATCH: Chilaquil, a Golden Retriever in Mexico, Is Going Viral Due to Hilarious Voice-Overs

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of goldenchilaquil Instagram
Photo Courtesy of goldenchilaquil Instagram
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A Golden Retriever living in Mexico named Chilaquil has been keeping people entertained on TikTok since the start of 2023. In only about five weeks, Chilaquil, who is originally from Toronto, has racked up more than 589,000 followers on the platform and millions of views.

Chilaquil’s first video was posted on January 3 where his owner explained that Chilaquil was recovering from canine parvovirus. In the video, one of his owners is giving him a bath in a big tub outside. She then cuddles with him while lying on a hammock.

There are other videos of Chilaquil doing things like visiting a dog park, going on nature walks, and watching his “Tia Jackie” eat tacos. But his videos really started getting popular when his owners narrated what he was “saying.” In one, Chilaquil reveals that his mom is half Mexican and half Colombian and his dad is Brazilian, and that they moved from Canada to Mexico.

“I was like, ‘That’s a lot of pressure. I only speak English,’” he says in the video. “But I’m gonna try. As long as they cuddle me all the time, I’ll be OK.”

In another video, he visits his abuelitos, Arturo and Anita, who are always happy to see him. “[My abuelita] started giving me the best cuddles, and then she started cooking for me and my mom,” Chilaquil says. “Her food is the best.”

So far, Chilaquil’s most watched video features him and his mom and dad going camping in a cabin in the woods. It was posted on January 24 and has received six million views so far. In the video, Chilaquil tells his fans about some of the things he did while in the great outdoors like look for wood to start a fire.

“I was like, ‘Mamita, can you please turn on the heater?’ and she was like, ‘Ay, no, Chilaquil. You can’t turn on the heater in the woods.’”

Chilaquil should invite us on a vacation next time. We give good cuddles, too.