WATCH: Christina Aguilera Revisits Her Most Iconic Fashion Looks — & Even Recreates One

Lead Photo: Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
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Christina Aguilera has brought us iconic fashion looks throughout the decades. From her first album cover to the stunning silhouettes on the red carpets, Aguilera knows how to showcase her fashion eras. And thanks to Vogue, we now get to take a walk down memory lane with the iconic fashion diva who shaped our formative years.

Aguilera’s startling transformations throughout the years weren’t just done for fashion’s sake. She was experimenting with different styles as a means of stepping out of her comfort zone and getting to know herself a little better. 

“I had just released Mi Reflejo, my first Spanish-language album. I was starting to step out of my shell a little bit, experiment with colored streaks in my hair and peekaboo slits and patches of cut out clothing,” Aguilera reminisces about her change from the clean look on her 1999 debut album to her 2000 appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. “That was me starting to come into expressing who I was and having a little bit of fun and not feeling so boxed in.”

She kept that energy going as she looked back at her 2000 Versace look at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards and the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards look that was all big hair and rebellion. But it’s when she got to the pop culture moment of 2001 that we were all ears: the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack of “Lady Marmalade” with P!nk, Lil’ Kim, and Mya.

“One of my favorite moments in my career,” Aguilera gushes. “This is where we stopped apologizing for anything. It was an explosion of everything being in the right place at the right time.”

It wasn’t long after this that she solidified her position as the fashion goddess of pop music when she debuted her Stripped album cover. (Who can forget the “hair bra” and the chaps that made a real splash.) And she kept going into her 2002 MTV Video Music Awards that she admitted was basically a scarf, and all the way down to 2021 when she attended the LadyLand Festival as the Statue of Liberty herself. 

And, in the name of keeping the fashion memories alive, Aguilera recently recreated her Stripped look for fans on social media to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album’s release.

Watch the full Vogue interview with Christina Aguilera below.