WATCH: Chucky Doll Handcuffed & Arrested in Mexico — Yes, We’re Serious

Lead Photo: United Artists
United Artists
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A man in Monclova, Mexico, was arrested late last week for disturbing the peace after he used a Chucky doll to scare and rob people. The man, however, wasn’t arrested for the crime alone. Mexican police also took the doll into custody.

In a video captured by Noticias NRT Mexico, a smiling police officer is seen carrying a handcuffed doll into the police station to get booked alongside his owner, Carlos “N.” Chucky was made famous by the Child’s Play media franchise.

Once in the police station, Chucky was held up against a wall where his mug shot was taken. A knife can be seen sticking out of the pocket of Chucky’s overalls.

“This is insane in a funny way,” one social media user wrote. “Nevertheless, Chucky the scary doll still gives me scarier goosebumps.” Another called Mexican cops “unserious.” According to Reuters, the Mexican police officer who put Chucky in handcuffs was reprimanded for the gag.

Reuters ends its article with the following statement: “Carlos ‘N’ was later released, local outlets reported, though the Chucky doll’s whereabouts are still unknown.”

It sounds like everyone was having a little fun with the situation, although we’re sure the people who were robbed didn’t find anything humorous about their experience.

The Child’s Play franchise began with the original movie in 1988. The franchise continued with six sequels through 2017 and a reboot in 2019 that starred Aubrey Plaza. A TV series called Chucky premiered on Syfy and USA Network in 2021. The third season of the show debuts on October 4, 2023.