WATCH: Colombian Woman Goes Viral for Standing Up to Pickpockets in Spain

Lead Photo: Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
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A Colombian woman is getting major props online after going viral for the way she handled a trio of men who attempted to pickpocket from her on a train in Madrid, Spain.

In a series of videos, the Colombian woman confronts one of the men and demands that he empties his pockets, so she can see what he stole from her. “Take it out right now,” the woman yells as the man attempts to play off.

The woman gets some help during the incident from Spanish transit police, who look irritated with the first accused man because he’s pretending like he has nothing in his pockets. As the police are handling him, the woman steps up to the second man she believes has taken things from her. She demands her passport and rings back.

She is also missing her wallet and orders the men to return her money. The second video begins with the woman finally claiming her money from one of the men. “Look, Colombian money,” she says as she holds a small stack of bills in her hand.

The woman also demands that the men remove their shoes, so she can see if they hid some of her belongings there. The arguing continues after the third man attempts to leave the train and is pulled back in by another passenger.

Social media users praised the woman for not backing down and making sure the men knew she was not going to be a victim.

One joked that they should put the woman in charge of geopolitical conflicts to get things done.

The woman did so well defending herself that one social media user suggested she could probably get the men trying to pickpocket her to do whatever she wanted.

For her sheer determination and courage, our new Latina hero can only be referred to as one thing: A queen.

We’re thinking if any other potential thieves see these videos, they’ll likely rethink stealing from someone from Latin America.