If there’s one thing uniting our divided country right now, it’s our shared love for Baby Yoda. In fact, even Jennifer Lopez is a fan — well, maybe?

On Monday, Variety caught the Nuyorican superstar on the red carpet of the 2019 IFP Gotham Awards at Cipriani Wall Street in New York, where they asked the Hustlers lead and producer if she — by any chance between her buzzing life as a major actress, highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show performer, new face of Coach, paper-making businesswoman and mami (in every sense of the word) — has “seen Baby Yoda.”

Lopez, at first, is incredibly confused. “Baby Yoda,” she questions, her inviting smile transforming into a visual expression of “WTF?” “No,” she continues, still uncertain.

When the reporter urges the “Dinero” singer to look into it, Lopez turns and asks someone bemusedly, “what’s Baby Yoda?”

Then, in the moment where the Latina icon realizes what Baby Yoda actually is, she forms the honey-sweet grin that everyone makes when they imagine the teeny green-skinned, floppy-eared alien from The Mandalorian that has become an overnight pop culture phenomenon.

“I like Baby Yoda, I think Baby Yoda’s amazing,” she says, offering words even the most bitterly divided crowds can repeat in unison.